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SOUND Investing Services

Seeking consistent returns through reduced risk. A proactive rather than reactive approach.

Sound Investing is an exciting concept in professional money management, which continues to gather momentum and evolve since its inception one decade ago. It is a concept geared to the smaller investor, or the investor who cannot or wishes not to meet the minimum investment requirements of Alan B. Lancz & Associates. It was created by Alan B. Lancz himself to serve these clients.

Sound Investing involves two investment concepts:

  • Education
  • Investment Management and Guidance

Alan B. Lancz believes that sound education is an integral part of the investment process. For a modest percentage of assets fee, investors can now benefit from the same advice ABL's wealthiest clients have enjoyed for the past decades. This advice, guidance and education comes to Sound Investing clients in the form of personal consultations, access to Alan B. Lancz and his staff and our quarterly publication:

Sound Investing Basics... The Lancz Letter, a quarterly publication, specifically written to help our investors understand the cost, risk, tax implications and financial success involved with mutual fund investing. Also available is our nationally recognized The Lancz Letter covering all facets of investing success.

Investment management and guidance is provided to the Sound Investing client through a hand-picked custom tailored portfolio of mutual funds and exchange traded funds selected to meet the investor's personal objectives. Low costs combined with strategic asset allocation and rebalancing makes Sound Investing an ideal platform for 401K and other retirement avenues.

There are many other facets to Sound Investing. A no cost - or obligation meeting is offered to determine how Sound Investing can make a difference for you. Call our office today at 419-536-5200 to get started.

Strange as it may sound, the concept of Sound Investing goes back to the days when Alan B. Lancz was just ten years old. His father started bringing home publications like Value Line and S&P, and made it clear that he was not at all happy with his personal stock broker. That started young Alan Lancz with his fascination with investing. Through high school and college, Alan began to realize that the only way to objectively look at and handle anyone's investment portfolio was through an independent fee-only relationship. There was simply no other way to avoid the inherent pitfalls and potential conflicts which arise with commissions and soft-money passages. Upon graduating from the University of Toledo in 1979, Alan began managing money, and advising clients professionally, the only thing he ever wanted to do.

Through the next two decades, his concepts gained nationwide attention, and attracted some of the wealthiest clientele in America. He has also helped make this clientele some of the most successful, well compensated and well served clientele in the industry.

Since then, ABL has been featured in the Wall Street Journal as its leading money manager in the entire country. And Mr. Lancz, his investment advice and successes have been heralded in a variety of national media: Barron's, CNN Money Line, USA Today, The New York Times and many others.

Sound Investing grew out of these sound basic investment concepts - and is designed to save the smaller-sized investor in the some manner in which the very largest investors are served by Alan B. Lancz & Associates. ABL always offers a personal no-cost meeting to help determine if Sound Investing meets your personal financial investment needs.

Sound Investing offers the smaller investor, anyone with five to modest six-figure investment funds, a full-service investment alternative.  Personalized service, education, risk reduction strategies to fit your objectives are all highlights of ABL's Sound Investing services.  Other highlights of our service are listed below.  We offer a comprehensive presentation of our services and fees in a no-obligation personal meeting.  Contact ABL online for your personal and private discussion.


  • Objectivity

     - In an investment age with little or no objectivity, we may be one of the few sources of truly independent and objective information and counsel.

  • Risk Allocation

     - We help determine your risk tolerance and match your specific financial goals with your risk tolerance for each investment.

  • Guidance and Monitoring

     - We offer our knowledge and experience to help you reach your financial goals and help you determine what to buy or sell, and when. We are always there to help guide your course of action.

  • Communication

     - We communicate regularly with you in the form of written reports and newsletters - and are always available to answer your specific questions or provide consultation on any investment issue.

  • Continual Education and Analysis

     - We inform you of various alternatives and new ideas regarding your investments. We are always seeking ways to enhance returns, reduce costs or limit tax exposure.

  • Research

     - We provide you with our internal research focusing on the advantages and disadvantages of each investment and explaining our findings to you in a understandable format.  This is the same timely research which helped us take maximum advantage of the bull market of the early 1980's, warned us of the extreme downturns and crash of the late 1980's. helped us avoid much of the damage of the interest bubble of early 2000, and warned us of the energy culprits like Enron, Dynergy and Calpine well before the sector caved in the subsequent year.

The smaller investor has fewer and fewer alternatives today which match the personalized service and continuing balance of portfolio return against investment objectives of ABL's Sound Investing services.  Below are some of the benefits of our Sound Investing service.

  • Personalized and objective portfolio analysis and consultation (including mutual funds, stocks and bonds)
  • Analysis and consultation on your guaranteed savings accounts
  • Ability to buy certain investment products on a no-load (no commission) and institutional (lowest cost) basis
  • Direct telephone access to our research/advisory staff
  • SOUND Investing Basics educational newsletter
  • Always a prorated money back guarantee on ABL quarterly fees whenever you feel you are not getting your money's worth

Sound Investing has been designed and developed to serve the smaller investor, the investor who does not meet the Alan B. Lancz & Associates minimum investment criteria. Still, individualized professional money management is the key service of Sound Investing. Your personal financial goals and investment objectives are analyzed. Then matched to a selection of low cost mutual funds and exchange traded funds, designed to achieve these goals and objectives. This allocation is your Sound Investing portfolio, which is then reviewed, managed and rebalanced as needed to be sure it continues to meet your goals and objectives - particularly as these may change over the years. These funds may come from all sectors, and may be short-term or long-term in growth, income and capital preservation objectives - to meet your personal Sound Investing plan.

Sound Investing's low costs combined with our independent research selection, makes it ideal for retirement plans and/or personal taxable assets. We would be glad to analyze your financial situation to determine how Sound Investing might best help achieve your goals. A personal meeting will help determine your short-and-long term financial goals in context with Sound Investing, and help determine which Sound Investing portfolio might best help achieve these goals.

Comprehensive and focused financial education is an integral part of our Sound Investing service.  Costs, particularly, can effect overall long-term financial success.  Tax exposure, too, can affect total success and return.  These other aspects are part of the Sound Investing education process - everything, in fact, which effects investment success.

Sound Investing Basics, our quarterly publication, provides much of this basic and ongoing education.  Personal guidance and information is also provided by Alan B. Lancz & Associates, Inc. as part of our Sound Investing service package.

Sound Investing Has Four-Pronged Educational Approach:

  • Performance - This segment is covered by everyone in the financial world. It is easy to promote since there have been such successful markets over the past several years.

  • Risk - It is critical that clients understand what they are investing in and why. Too many unsophisticated investors bought global bond funds in 1993, only to lose up to half their assets in 1994. These investors had no idea the risk that they were taking, having mistakenly purchased global income mutual funds as an alternative to CD's.   Seven years later most investors were too heavily concentrated in technology funds - not cognizant of the inherent risk they were taking.

  • Cost - Cost is another area not covered by many brokers/advisors, but it is an important aspect of any investment or financial plan. Most investors are not fully aware of their initial costs, annual expenses, or total cost of each investment before investing. Our costs are transparent; as that is part of our education process - no hidden fees, and no hidden agendas.

  • Tax Exposure - Once again, most investors are not aware of what the inherent tax liability or future potential tax costs are before they invest. Similar to the cost and risk of a mutual fund, your tax exposure and the fund's tax efficiency are integral components of any long term investment plan.

Sound Investing is a very basic and low cost approach to long-term investment success.
The most frequently asked questions, and answers to these questions, are featured below.

Question: Why don't you advertise Sound Investing like so many other money managers would?

Answer: We are a very discriminating money management firm.  Many firms that advertise are geared to continually add new clients to make up for the ones lost. We would rather build long-term relationships with our clients, and thus, do not need to continuously add new ones indiscriminately. Besides, word of mouth referrals from satisfied clients has been more than enough to fuel our growth over the past more than two decades.

Question: How are you able to keep costs so low?

Answer: We began analyzing mutual funds for the sons/daughters of some of our larger managed clientele. Because of this, most of the work and relationships within the industry were already established and now it is a matter of instituting disciplined analysis to make sure we offer the best, low cost funds available. This, along with the fact of being independent, helps us pass the savings to you.

Question: How much can I actually save by using your SOUND Investing program?

Answer: Your specific savings would depend on your current portfolio size, risk tolerance and objectives. Each situation varies depending on what you are currently doing. Most clients not only saved substantial monies the first year but each and every year thereafter with SOUND Investing. After the first meeting we will be able to give you details as to your specific savings.

Question: How does your experience and expertise as a money manager help within the SOUND Investing program?

Answer: We know many of the money managers that handle mutual funds and this helps us do more than your typical numerical/risk analysis. Personal knowledge and expertise over the past two decades has helped us tremendously in our analysis, allocation strategy and overall investment selection process.

Question: What happens if I am not happy with your SOUND Investing program?

Answer: If you are unhappy for whatever reason, you will receive a pro-rata refund of our fees. Other firms actually charge an added termination fee in an attempt to influence you to stay. In contrast, we feel that we should always be proving our worth to you and will never assess additional charges...in fact, SOUND Investing is one of a few programs that offers this pro-rata money back guarantee if you are ever dissatisfied.

Question: Why is risk control such an important part of your investment process?

Answer: When it comes to evaluating the success of an investment plan, the average investor focuses on the end result or overall performance. What so often gets lost in the investment process is the risk taken to obtain the performance, as well as the total cost involved. The control of risk is paramount to long term investment success. Despite any investment plan performance, costs and risk levels will always be inextricably linked. At Alan B. Lancz & Associates, Inc. we feel the success of any investment plan depends on prudent strategies for managing risk.