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Customized ESG (Environmental, Social Governance)/Faith Based and SRI (Socially Responsible Investing)

Sustainability of our Environment and Values or Faith have been critical aspects of ABL’s investment selection process. Since we custom design portfolios we can build your portfolios towards your specific values and establish restrictions and constraints specifically for your faith, social governance or ESG metrics.

Here is a sample of what we review:


What portion of your management is evaluated on corporate social and environmental targets?

Has the company worked to develop social and environmental standards for your industry?

Has the company ensured that the social or environmental mission will be maintained over time, regardless of company ownership?


What percentage of management is from underrepresented populations (women, minority members, people with disabilities, individuals living in low-income communities)?

Are full-time employees explicitly allowed paid or unpaid time off for community service?

Which underserved populations does your business impact or target? If you are a business-to-business company, who is the ultimate user of the company’s product or service?


What is the minimum number of vacation days, sick days, personal days, holidays, offered annually to full-time workers?

What percentage of full-time workers were reimbursed for continuing education opportunities in the past fiscal year?

What percentage of the company is owned by full-time workers (excluding founders and executives)?


What is the broadest community with which environmental reviews or audits are formally shared?

What percentage of energy used is from renewable on-site energy production?

Does company monitor and record its universal waste production? 

We would be pleased to have a personal discussion of our financial situation and investment objectives, simply complete the following form at: Confidential Risk Tolerance Questionnaire and return it to our office with a copy of your latest portfolio statements.

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