Growth vs. Value (10/23/2020)

At this stage be very selective – it is critical to focus on risk rather than reward.

Protecting your Portfolio Part 2 (09/22/2020)

There is a ceiling on stocks from August record highs upcoming headwinds create more risk than reward from current valuations. It is not only record low interest rates providing uncharacteristically high risk for the meager returns in bonds… but also rising tension with China U.S relations, uncertainty with post-election results, lack of progress on a fresh stimulus/relief package and concerns of a second wave of COVID here in the U.S similar to what several countries in Europe are experiencing.


Protecting your Portfolio (09/11/2020)

From the Shortest Bear Market in History to the Quickest Correction in History, 2020 has seen tremendous volatility. This short video captures opportunities for managing risk. 

Searching for Yield (09/03/2020)

What to know about dividends, interest and safety of principal.



The Fed, the Dow and the Apple (08/28/2020)

This week we discuss the Federal Reserve’s stance, the changes to the Dow Jones Industrial Average and Apple’s affect on unweighted versus weighted indices. 

Shortest Bear Market in U.S Financial History (08/21/2020)

Lock in fixed rate mortgages now as we do not expect negative interest rates in the U.S – The Humble Approach – Legendary investor Sir John Templeton.


Retiring in a Low Interest Rate Environment (08/14/2020)

One of our team of experts discusses today’s historically low interest rate environment and its impact on your retirement. 

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