The ABL Internship Program

The ABL Internship program has developed into a widely sought after experience for a variety of creative and intelligent men and women. When David Proudfoot spearheaded the program nearly two decades ago, we did not expect to see candidates expand globally with so many incredibly talented and world class minds. In many ways our money management services expanded to be a global enterprise when national media of our proprietary research garnered interest from regions throughout the country and eventually overseas. It is great to have this all planned, but in actuality the internship program started generating interest from candidates around the entire country and overseas because of results and reputation similar to the growth and expansion of our vast array of financial and investment services.

Frankly, we did not expect to work with the caliber and quality of clients that we have had the pleasure to advise since the 1980’s and on the internship front, we never expected such a solid group of candidates year after year either. Some candidates have a full list of industry designations (CFA, CFP, CPA etc.) along with international banking or money management experience and are seeking practical experience in other realms of finance. Others just want to maximize their personal knowledge level, learning from a source known for their proprietary research that can be contrarian at times. Finally, candidates have a source that provides them the opportunity to receive many levels of practical experience beyond typical money management and portfolio allocation. This ranges from funding a company, to running a company, to the eventual disposition of assets in the most tax efficient manner. Such experience proves invaluable in terms of setting a level of expectation for a career for each individual rather than forcing people into a slot or category. It is no surprise that many of the top interns are placed into career positions with our company or affiliates. To apply for our internship or to learn more Click Here.

Frequently Asked Questions

All that is really needed to initiate your application is your resume and cover letter explaining why you want to be part of the program. Please click here to get started.

Upon receipt of your resume and cover letter, you will be notified of the opportunity for an initial phone or skype interview. The progression from there is generally face-to face interview, testing and then outside projects to ascertain each candidates’ specific strengths and weaknesses.

Because of the multitude of quality applicants with the majority already completed high level degrees and industry designations, we have opened up the internship to cater to each candidate. Internships are currently available throughout the entire year with lengths geared to your needs, ranging from a 6, 9, 12 and 16-week periods.

To maximize the internship value and experience, each intern will work in a variety of areas generally based on their previous work experience and areas of interest. These areas can range from private equity to real estate and investment banking, in addition to portfolio management, data analytics and research.

We are very impressed with the high level of quality among all the candidates. Areas that set candidates apart are creative thinking, willingness to solve problems and looking at client’s best interest with strong leadership and character.

Our goal is that everyone learns going though the process, whether it is about the industry itself or more about yourself and your specific strengths. Each candidate will have a consult with David Proudfoot after the test and interview results. We have also added recommendations on what to do to get accepted down the road should you not be accepted and request such info.

Yes, upon acceptance you will need to authorize a complete background check and upon approval, you will be set up to be paid for the internship period completed. There is a 2-week walkaway by either party if the internship is deemed unsatisfactory by either party